GTA 5 Money Drops

Navigate to the GTA 5 Money Drop discord (https://discord.gg/eMRTdAw) and wait for an announcement, stating there is a active drop, follow Stewy's intructions from there!
There is a 0% chance of you being banned. We use one of the best menus out there, and do extensive research to guarantee safety.
The max amount of money we can drop is 2.5k bags, there is no menu available to this date that allows more then 2.5k bags.
I would if I could, but sadly we can not. I provide recoveries to the people that are interested in rank and unlocks.
We never really have a Scheduled time for drops, we usually drop between 12:00pm - 12:00am US Est timezone.

GTA 5 Recoveries

Literally a 0% chance of getting banned, Rockstar can't detect me adding money/ Rank into your account because it doesn't show in their logs. We also use one of the best menus, heck them free menus.
Usually 10min depending on the package you choose.
I would love to give refunds but I can't be certain that you got banned because of me modding your account, it could of been from a past drop with a free menu, or a modder trolling you by doing things to your account in which got you banned.
I accept Paypal, Cashapp (US Only), and Steam Gift Cards. (Recommend Paypal or Cashapp)

Spotify Upgrdae Service

After purchase at our store (https://stewysshop.atshop.io/spotify) you will contact me and I will then ask for your email and I will upgrade your account.
Yes, you are being invited to one of our family plans, so you're able to use your own Email:Password without worry of people changing it.
This is very safe, and there is zero risk involved.
I offer a 24hr warranty, but there is a very low chance of anything happening!

Cheap Accounts

Head over to our site (https://stewysshop.atshop.io/) and select the product you would like, and purchase right from the site.
These accounts may be unverified / verified / linked / unlinked / fa / nfa etc. I will usually clarify this on the product.
I accept Paypal, Cashapp (US only), Steam gift cards. DM me on discord (McStewy#6408) for anything other than PayPal.
Yes, I offer a 24 hrs. warranty, I will not replace none working accounts/ games after the 24hrs. Have to be strict otherwise people take advantage.
Product is usually delivered within 10-15min. If you did not recive it after 10-15min this usually means either payment did not go through or it's pending.

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